Our mission is to protect the lives and property of the citizens in the City of Shively against the devastating effects of fire and to always strive in learning new techniques and gaining knowledge in protecting lives and property.

To report an emergency call 9-1-1 immediately!
Business calls: 447-2982
Chief’s Office: 449-5020
Fire Marshall: 449-5045
Captain’s office: 449-5040

The Shively Fire Department as now known, was established in early 1918 as the St. Helen’s Volunteer Fire Department and carried that name until the City of Shively was incorporated in 1938.

With a recorded 196 members, the St. Helens Volunteer Fire Department was housed at the Home for the Aged and Infirmed, located on property that is now the Southland Terrace Shopping Center. The first outfitting for the Fire Department was a hose drawn engine capable of pumping 650 gallons per minute and carrying 800 feet of hose plus other assorted tools needed for firefighting.

With the incorporation of the City in 1938, the Fire Department was renamed the Shively Fire Department. A full time chief and two firemen were hired to provide around the clock watch at the station, and were supplemented by approximately 35 citizens as volunteers.

The Shively Fire Department received their Union Charter on September 06, 1965. As of present day the department has three full time crews, which work twenty-four hour shifts. The staffing consists of a full-time chief, Wendell Vincent, a Fire Inspector, Mark Lafollette, three captains, six sergeants, and nine firefighters.

The fire and police departments today are housed at 1800 Park Road, which was dedicated in October of 1999. In the apparatus bay there is a 2001 Seagrave 75′ Aerial Ladder truck which carries a 1500 gallon per minute pump, a 1995 KME Engine with a 1250 gallon per minute pump and a 1973 Mack Fire Engine with a 1000 gallon per minute pump. Other vehicles in our fleet are a 2002 Crown Victoria, 2008 Ford Explorer and a 2007 F150 Ford utility vehicle. We also have on hand for parade use the very first fire truck Shively purchased, a 1938 Ahrens Fox.

One of the ongoing programs we have in place is our Smoke Detector Program. This program started in 1986 by Shively Firefighters’ Union Local 1570 and is paid for by its members. This program was established to provide every residential home in Shively with a free smoke detector. If you do not have a working smoke detector in your home, please stop by the firehouse and pickup one. If you cannot stop by, then give us a call and we will bring it to you and install it if needed. Another successful program is Fire Prevention, in which we go to all daycare facilities and schools; we also invite any civic groups to come to the firehouse for these classes. As of 1994 all new firefighters are trained Emergency Medical Technicians. This medical training allows us to make Basic Life Support runs if Louisville Metro EMS is more than a few minutes away. We also have in place a mutual aid program with the Louisville Fire Department.