What is the population of Shively?
15,258 according to the 2004 Census

What class city is Shively?
Third Class

Who decides the value of our property?
Jefferson County Property Valuation.  The value of your property is the fair market value, which is determined by the property sales in your area.

What does my tax dollars pay for?
-Police and Fire Protection
-Garbage and Recycling collection
-Street Repairs
-Street and traffic lights
-Upkeep City Parks

What does the city make off of the recycling?
We do not get paid anything to recycle, however it does reduce the landfill costs, therefore saving the City cost on landfill charges.

What do you do with recycling, garbage and yard waste if the regular pick up day is a holiday?
It is picked up on Wednesday of that same week.

When are tax bills mailed?
Usually by the middle of August, depending  on when the Property Valuation assessments are certified.