From the Mayor

From the Mayor

I became Mayor of Shively near the end of 2004.  I have been elected twice since that 2004 appointment and I can only hope I have instilled confidence to the citizens that I want and can lead the City proficiently.  I served on the City Council for 10 years before I was appointed Mayor.  I have a deep commitment to the City and have enjoyed serving the citizens for nearly 17 years now.

I still have a vision for clear communication between the citizens, the mayor and the council.  I want citizens to be treated with respect and to feel safe in their homes and businesses.  I still want the City to excel in all areas.

Having said that, I hope citizens and business owners will feel free to contact me or the city council members if they have any type of problem or concerns.  We won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time, but we can certainly listen and possibly learn from the experience.

We have both professional Fire and Police Departments that are second to none.  They work hard to help anyone needing assistance.  They are better equipped and better trained than any Fire and Police the City of Shively has ever had in the past.

Our Works Department collects trash, yard waste, recycling, completes drainage work, keeps our parks mowed and they remove appliances once a month.  But most of all they make sure your streets are safe and clear of ice and snow whenever necessary.

We have made changes to the City Hall side of our web page in order to be more user friendly for citizens and businesses.  You can now look at all of the forms on line that are used by City Hall and print them for usage.

We have made a lot of upgrades to your park system since 2004.  The larger park now has three pavilions, the tennis courts have been resurfaced, new playground equipment in place, installed a walking path and most recently a new regulation size basketball court has been built.  In our smaller park, Leeds Park, we have installed new playground equipment, resurfaced the tennis courts and a walking path is soon to be installed.

I want to invite all Shively citizens to attend your City Council meetings. You don’t have to have a concern to attend just come out and see what is happening in your city.  The meetings are the first three Mondays of the month (unless a holiday is involved) and each meeting begins at 7:00pm.  They are held at City Hall, 3920 Dixie Highway.  The minutes are posted on the web page as soon as they are approved by the council

I hope you will find the City’s web page helpful and informative.  Please visit it often to stay informed with what is happening in your City.

Mayor Sherry Sinegra Conner