The City of Shively – quiet town

The City of Shively – quiet town

Shively is a quiet town outside of the metro area. It is very peaceful and has an old-fashioned charm. It was once known for its fine weather, good schools and friendly people, which are all examples of what makes this community a good place to live.

Shively is a small town located in southwestern Jefferson County, GA. Although it doesn’t have an official population of more than 1500 residents, it is known as the “quietest place to live in Alabama”.

Shively is a quiet town in southwestern Jefferson County. It is made up of a number of nearby communities including downtown Shively, the Shively Industrial Park, and the Shively Business Park.

Shively is a quiet, small town in southwestern Jefferson County. It is located on US Highway 8 at the southern edge of the City of Union Station just outside the city limits of Louisville. The town has a population of around 4,000 people and is one-half mile from Louisville International Airport.

Houses on Main Street are very different than those on nearby rural roads. There are no lanes or driveways that connect houses to each other, so they have no house numbers or street names. Most routes between homes have wooded sections that cut through vacant land and make driving difficult for those who live in these neighborhoods.

In 1901 an old farmer built his cabin and housed his wife, daughter and son-in-law there along with their children’s families. They lived in this cabin.

Shively is a quiet town that exemplifies the quintessential small town. The shops, restaurants and shopping are an integral part of the community. That being said, Shively is a unique place to live. It’s not too big or too small. It’s just right – and that’s what makes it so special.

Shively is a quaint little community located on the banks of Lake Michigan. It is known as a quiet town, where people love to go to relax and have some quiet time.

This is a quiet town that has seen some major changes in recent years. The city was once isolated, now it is connected by U.S system of highways.

The City of Shively, Jefferson County OH is a quiet town. Their town center is only accessible by footpaths and bike paths. The only way to reach downtown Shively is via a two-lane highway, which is often closed for fire department maintenance. This makes the downtown area isolated from the rest of the area.

Shively is a quiet town in southwest Jefferson County, right off I-64, surrounded by farmland and timber. While it is not one of the fastest growing cities in the county, it has a lot of potential and is definitely worth exploring.

In the City of Shively, Jefferson County, North-West Kentucky, you will find that it is a quiet town. It is small and surrounded by farmland. The people are very friendly and helpful. They make sure that you get to know them by helping you grow a relationship with them.

We had the opportunity to visit this small southern Jefferson County town in the summer of 2016. We wanted to capture the beautiful scenery, some good food and a couple of close-knit residents. We also wanted to capture a place that still felt unique and special.

Shively is a quiet town in the southwest section of Jefferson County, Kentucky. It is located just east of downtown Louisville and borders the Kentucky Military College campus. The area is known for its Kentucky Derby horse racing track and its Country Club, a golf course that opened in 1878.