The City of Shively – sit down and have a coffee in one of the cafes in the city

The City of Shively – sit down and have a coffee in one of the cafes in the city

If you have ever stumbled across a coffee shop in the city, then this section is written for you. This section is about the history of Shively, the main attraction at this corner of southern Jefferson County and how it became one of the most important cities of Southwest Jefferson County. This section also includes historical facts about famous people who lived or worked in this area and describes a short journey to this town through some virtual tours.

This part will give you an insight into life in Shively from its past, present and future.

Shively is a city in southwestern Jefferson County, Kentucky. The population was 9,129 at the 2010 census.

Once upon a time, there was a town called Shively in southwestern Jefferson County. Unfortunately, its people never quite had the same luck with their coffee – or anything else for that matter.

The City of Shively is a small town in southwestern Jefferson County. The city has its own unique history, and when it was incorporated from the old township of Forestville in 1951, it was called Shively. In 1950, there were just over 500 people living in the community. By 2011, that number had grown to over 10,000 and by 2014 had reached over 15,000. The population has grown by several thousand extra since then and according to the US Census Bureau last year this area was believed to have almost doubled in size.

The City of Shively sits in the southwestern Jefferson County. It is approximately from the city of Louisville on I-70 and I-264.

Shively has a humid subtropical climate with hot wet summers and mild winters. October to April are often called the most pleasant months because of the cool weather. The best months for office work are January, February and March, but Shively can get hot in July and August with temperatures climbing to above .

The city of Shively just recently celebrated its 5th anniversary as a designated historic district. It is well known for being the half-way point between Nashville and Chattanooga.

While most people associate coffee with a place to sit down and have a cup, it is also where locals go to get a great deal. In addition, the city has so many historical places that make it an ideal candidate for an innovative cultural production.

The “Award Winning” Cultural Production is designed to celebrate those venues that host live music, theater or dance in addition to activities such as arts and crafts, family activities and other community events.

In Shively, Jefferson County, Virginia there are two coffee shops. You can find either of them. One is known as the ‘T’ Cafe located at the corner of Main St and West Virginia Ave. The other is called the ‘Towne’s Coffeehouse’ on South Waterman Street just across the street. Both of them have been in business for over 40 years but they are not open during the winter months because it gets too cold in this part of town to enjoy a warm cup of joe.

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