The City of Shively is a Third Class city located in southwestern Jefferson County, Kentucky

The City of Shively is a Third Class city located in southwestern Jefferson County, Kentucky

Shively, Kentucky, is a Third Class city located in southwestern Jefferson County. The city was incorporated in 1938 and has undergone many changes over the years.

As a third-class city, Shively is governed by the mayor-council form of government, which allows citizens to elect their mayor and six city council members. The mayor and council are responsible for day-to-day decisions such as setting tax rates, adopting ordinances and approving development projects.

Shively is a vibrant community that takes pride in its rich history and unique culture. The city holds a number of annual events throughout the year such as holiday parades and festivals to celebrate community spirits. Shively also offers an abundance of recreational activities for families, including several public parks, golf courses, community centers, walking trails and more.

The local economy is largely driven by services and retail businesses, with many local restaurants and shops providing essential services to the community. In recent years Shively has experienced steady growth in these sectors which has improved economic opportunities for both locals and visitors alike.

In addition to its ample recreational activities, Shively is home to several well-respected school systems. It’s largest school district, Jefferson County Public Schools, consistently ranks high nationally on educational performance measures. Likewise, the University of Louisville’s nearby Shelby Campus offers high quality education options for students who desire to stay close to home while they pursue higher educational opportunities.

Overall Shively is an attractive destination for those seeking a thriving local economy combined with ample educational opportunities and plenty of recreational activities to enjoy throughout the year.

Shively, Kentucky is located in southwestern Jefferson County and is a designated Third Class city. Home to approximately 15,000 people, Shively has many of the features of a larger city while still maintaining its small-town charm. From its rich history as the location of a WWI encampment to its modern industries, Shively has something for everyone.

Shively’s location within southwestern Jefferson County gives it easy access to Louisville, as well as many other smaller suburbs nearby. This allows visitors and residents alike to have access to a large variety of entertainment, dining and shopping options. Additionally, nearby schools offer excellent education options for children living in the area.

As a Third Class city, Shively has an elected mayor and six-member city council that provide oversight for the city’s operations. The council meets monthly, offering residents a chance to provide input on decisions regarding the city’s future. These meetings are open to the public and often draw in outside speakers who wish to comment on city matters.

As a proud member of southwestern Jefferson County, Shively offers a one of a kind blend of small-town life with all the benefits of living in a larger area. With new industrial developments bringing in jobs and housing options for residents, there’s no reason not to come out and experience all that Shively has to offer!