The City of Shively – go to the park in the city

Shively is a suburban city located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Known for its friendly, small-town feel and its tight-knit community, Shively is home to many green spaces that allow residents to enjoy the outdoors. One of the highlights of Shively is its park system, which offers a variety of recreational activities and lush green spaces. The Middletown Park is […]

The City of Shively – quiet town

Shively, KY is an unassuming city located just a few miles south of Louisville, KY. With a population of just over 15,000, Shively is one of the smaller towns in the metro area, but its small-town charm and quiet atmosphere make it a great place to live. Shively has a strong sense of community and civic pride. The locals are […]

The City of Shively is a Third Class city located in southwestern Jefferson County, Kentucky

Shively, Kentucky, is a Third Class city located in southwestern Jefferson County. The city was incorporated in 1938 and has undergone many changes over the years. As a third-class city, Shively is governed by the mayor-council form of government, which allows citizens to elect their mayor and six city council members. The mayor and council are responsible for day-to-day decisions […]